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John Wallhauser
John Wallhausser, a sophomore at Berea Community High School, has been attending Berea Independent Schools since he was in second grade. He is taking all honors courses as well as Advanced Placement Biology, a pretty impressive feat considering the difficulty of said classes. When asked what made them difficult for him he reported, "It was mainly just the workload increase, especially with the new class AP Bio added into seminar."

Wallhausser is also one of the captains of the high school boys’ soccer team. He explained, “At first it [felt] like a burden, but once you get past that you can understand that it's a great feeling being able to lead your team.” When asked about the pressure put on him by being captain, John replied, “It's a lot of pressure especially during big games and it can get real[ly] stressful.” Needless to say, being captain is hard work and it's a lot of pressure, so it's amazing to see when someone is able to look past that and be able to lead a team into victory or defeat and even when defeat may be certain that you can still lead with determination it really inspiring.

I asked Wallhausser about school and if he thought it was fun or what was fun about school; his response being, "I’m a social person so seeing my friends every day is a big part of my school life."

Upon questioning Wallhausser about his college choices, he answered saying, “I don’t have a specific choice in where, but my major would include something dealing with history and biology. When asked for a more specific choice he replied with, “Marine biology.”

An interview with Quinton “Q” Morgan, a close friend of Wallhausser, showed just how much Wallhausser works and cares for his friends. Morgan described Wallhausser as “a great guy, and whatever he sets his mind to he gets it done.” Morgan admires his work ethic and said: “Anything he sets his mind to he can get it done.”

Needless to say, Wallhausser appears to be a well rounded, nice, and caring individual who works hard to improve himself as well as others around him. His leadership skills are a great help when helping his team and his friends through the experiences they share together.

John Wallhauser , Reporter

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John Wallhauser