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Elly Green
Elly Green is a 17 year old 12th grade student at Berea Community High school. She is involved in GSA, Choir, Drama, and the YWWP (Young Women’s Writers Project). Her mother works at Berea Community Elementary and her father works at Berea College. She moved from West Virginia to Berea in 5th grade, and has been attending Berea Community schools ever since. 

She likes to sing in choir, and when asked about her favorite song, she said, “My favorite song to perform is 'One Perfect Moment" by Lin Manuel Miranda, but if I'm just listening to music on my own, I love Beach Bunny and The Prettiots”.

She also has been a part of the drama program for a large part of her life and enjoys musicals, her favorite musicals are currently “Come From Away and Waitress.”.

As she reads a large variety of books in school and at home, I asked what her favorite book was. She said, “Depends on the genre; If we are talking about literary fiction, I love "The Magicians by Lev Grossman and "Florida" by Lauren Groff. But I also love reading YA in my free time. I absolutely love everything written by Sarah J Maas and Rainbow Rowell.”.

Since she is a senior this year, I asked what she was planning for the future, she said, “My end goal is to get a PHD in Creative Writing or in Literary Studies, but that is very far off. My shorter term plans are to get a BFA in Creative Writing and then to get a masters in Library Sciences and become a children's librarian.”And since graduating high school is a time to look towards the future, I also asked how she felt about what would soon be her past, her high school experience, she said, “If I'm being honest, high school was not my favorite time and I don't think my senior year is going to change that. That being said, I wouldn't trade my high school experience with anyone else's. I love the friends I made and the teachers I've had and the many opportunities I've been given, like attending GSA and taking creative writing classes at the college. I can't wait to go to college!”.

When asked about her friend, one of her best friends, Lola Cox, says, “ She is one of the most hard working people I know. She is always working on some writing project or reading really amazing books. She inspires me.” Elly will be writing and editing this year for the Berea Pirate so keep an eye out for her articles!


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Elly Green