Poynter’s new role


The 2018-19 school year at Berea Community Schools began on August 9. With the start of the new school year came the introduction of a new member of the administration. Casey Poynter began his sixteenth year of work at Berea Community Middle and High School with a new title: Assistant Principal.

Near the end of the previous school year, the administrators as well as the Site-Based Decision Making council at BCS began taking applications for the open position and eventually, Poynter was chosen for the job. According to the middle and high school principal Donna Lovell, there has been “a positive response from students, as well as the faculty and staff.”

Poynter has been involved with the school for a long time in various positions: he worked as a teacher within the behavioral intervention department, he’s coached sports teams, he is a BCES father, and now works as an administrator.

Because of his background with the school district, he is aware of the needs of many students. Poynter has set goals to work with “gap students”, the ones who are at-risk or who need added support. Long-term, he intends to create a beneficial atmosphere of structure and discipline based on the BCS Code of Conduct. He believes that “everyone benefits from [the Code of Conduct]. Everyone benefits from growing into a young adult if [they] know how to… keep [themselves] in check”.

Poynter gives some credit to his experience from previous jobs as preparatory for being Assistant Principal. He worked in discipline at BCS as well as within internships at Fayette County Schools, and he worked in a juvenile detention center. “But,” Poynter said, “it’s not just discipline… but really, more so it’s about creating an environment where kids can really learn.”

Poynter is adjusting to his new role well. However, he said that “it is a challenge going from a peer to an administrator… You see things differently, that’s for sure.” He hopes that people know, staff and students alike, that despite his new role he is still a friendly, approachable person. His favorite thing about working at Berea is the “opportunity to get to know everybody… you can help kids better that way, if you know the full story.”