Dedication of new stadium renews school pride


The Duerson stadium was built over the summer of 2018 and was funded by the city of Berea. The Berea Community School system also contributed to the project by purchasing the stadium press box. The original stadium was built in 1969, when Berea Community School was founded. The school chose to dedicate the first stadium to Guy Duerson due to his leadership in the community and his support for the school’s athletics. Since the money for the new stadium was not presented by a donor, the new stadium’s name was completely open. Berea Community School decided to keep the name of the stadium the same because of tradition.

The new stadium was rededicated at Berea Community’s first home football game on August 17. During the dedication, a ribbon was held by Guy Duerson’s family members, who were accompanied by the Mayor of Berea. The stadium dedication acknowledged both Guy Duerson’s impact on the school and the fact that Berea Community now has a new stadium.

Berea students are very excited to finally have a home football stadium after going without one for four years. The new stadium has brought amazing changes for Berea Community School—the turnout for the football games has skyrocketed and a new tradition of tailgating has begun. Berea Community’s new stadium has the school bursting with pride. The Guy Duerson Stadium is a key aspect of the Berea Community atmosphere, and students are excited to have it back.