Science Olympiad Team Makes History


Berea Community Middle and High School had its first Science Olympiad Regional Competition this March. The Science Olympiad competitions are an opportunity for students to not only participate in competitive events that pertain to many fields of science, but to also work on building fundamental teamwork skills that are required in many science-related careers today. At the event, groups of two students are designated to specific topics, and then the groups compete against others to place in the top three groups of their according categories. The top three competitive groups in each category have the opportunity to advance to the State-Level competition in April.

At the March 3 regional competition, the Berea Pirates collectively took home 38 medals. Bidhu Sharma and Emily Fredrickson placed first in Anatomy and Physiology, Isaac Uzzle and Sadibou Ceesay placed second in Crime Busters, Coleman Reed and Ismaila Ceesay placed second in Disease Detective, Emily Fredrickson and Ismaila Ceesay placed first in Place Ecology, Coleman Reed and Julia Kilgore placed first in Experimental Design, Sadibou Ceesay and Carlton Sears placed first in Fast Facts, Emily Fredrickson and Bidhu Sharma placed third in Herpetology, Julia Kilgore and Carlton Sears placed third in Mystery Architecture, Sadubou Ceesay and Isaac Uzzle placed third in Potions and Poisons, Emily Fredrickson and Ismaila Ceesay placed first in Write it Do it, Ismaila Ceesay and Coleman Reed placed first in Thermodynamics, and Bidhu Sharma and Carlton Shears placed second in Optics.

On April 21, each of these groups have the opportunity to advance to the Kentucky Science Olympiad State Competition. They will travel to Western Kentucky University to compete at state in hopes of placing for the National Competition.