Berea Community High School Students Accepted Into Gatton Academy


A few weeks ago, the prestigious Gatton Academy announced the students who were accepted into its Class of 2020. Two BCHS students, sophomores Noah Prentice and Hazel Traw, were accepted, and one student, Julian Clavere, has been put on a waiting list.

The academy, a highly regarded high school on Western Kentucky University’s campus, was quite attractive to the students. “I really enjoy the idea of being surrounded by people with similar interests and having a wider range of available classes in STEM fields,” said Traw. Prentice saw the study abroad programs as a plus. “There were opportunities to go to England, Costa Rica, China, and other places,” he said.

The academy’s application process consisted of essays and high GPA requirements. “It took up a bit of time and thought,” Traw said, “but it could have been much worse.” The Gatton Academy keeps a very fine reputation, with an average ACT score of 30 and a plethora of college level STEM classes.

After consideration, Prentice has decided he is not going to the academy; Traw intends to go. “I am very hopeful I will succeed in this program. It will push me a lot but be absolutely worth it and probably look really good when I go off to college,” she said.

Clavere was put on a waiting list, meaning he is not accepted yet, but can be in case he is deemed capable after an accepted student turns down the offer. He was still optimistic about the academy, and encouraged students to apply in the future: “They should [apply]… I really was disappointed I wasn’t accepted, but I hope that any people that do are prosperous.” Berea Community wishes all of the students considered by the Gatton Academy good luck in their future pursuits.