National Honors Society Inducts New Members


On Monday, March 19, a group of Berea Community High School juniors and seniors met at one of the monthly school board meetings to induct 26 new National Honors Society (NHS) members. The induction consisted of speeches from senior society members about the qualifications and purpose of NHS as well as the induction and recital of the NHS pledge.

To be inducted into NHS, upperclassmen students must have a minimum of a 3.35 GPA as well as write an essay that demonstrates how they qualify and represent the four pillars of the society. These pillars are scholarship, service, leadership and character. Scholarship is characterized by a commitment to learning and is achieved through diligence and effort. Service is the willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without compensation or recognition of any kind and is extremely important to NHS. Leadership entails that students take the initiative to aid others in a wholesome manner throughout their daily activities. Character is what distinguishes one individual from another and students who are NHS members demonstrate the characteristics of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

During the ceremony, four candles were lit to honor these four pillars of NHS. As inductees were called up to sign their name in the NHS book, they also received a candle to hold, lit by one of the main candles that represent the pillars.

The 26 students who were inducted are: Bailey Alexander, Adrienne Beggs, Kaylee Cortez, Tristan Johnson, Madison Miller, Kijyane Santiago, Suraya Smith, Hannah Wallhausser, Constance Wright, Abigail Ambrose, Hayleigh Burrows, Hannah DuBois, Cora Livingston, Emily Nigro, Kaitlin Sexton, Melody Thacker, Ryan Whitt, LaRaven Ballard, Donavan Ceesay, Baylor Hill, Emma Lovell, Cassie Poston, Aubrey Smith, Mikaela Thomas, Shane Wilcher, and Ben West.

One of the new members, Shane Wilcher, commented on being inducted: “I was so excited when I found out I got into National Honor Society. It showed that all my hard work really pays off.”

The Berea Community National Honors Society is excited to have these 26 new members who will, with all other NHS members, demonstrate scholarship, service, leadership and character within the high school. Congratulations to all who were inducted!