Middle School play is a success

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The cast of Alice in Wonderland. Photo submitted.


On Friday and Saturday, February 16-17, the Berea Community Middle School Drama Club performed its production of Alice in Wonderland. The production is about Alice, who has no recollection of visiting Wonderland as a young girl. Now all grown up she spots a white rabbit and follows him down a hole where she rediscovers Wonderland and all its magic.

The cast was extremely nervous to present all their hard work to their families and friends. Eighth grader Luke Seals spoke about how he dealt with nervousness before going on stage: “I’m incredibly nervous before a performance but I think that tends to help the performance because I’m more cautious and aware of what I’m doing.”

The seats were filled up, the cast and crew were ready backstage, and the play suddenly began with eighth grader Sadibou Ceesay catching the attention of the audience through his confident narration. Soon after the narration, the show began in full effect as eighth grader Hannah Fairchild appeared as Alice and began a classic journey down the rabbit hole itself.

Seeing as the play had an extremely positive outcome, with the exception of having to put on future productions to the standard of this beautifully performed classic, the cast members seemed content with their performance. According to Sadibou Ceesay, “[Performing in the play was] pretty fun and I always enjoy working with my fellow cast members.” If given an opportunity to go see these young talents put on a show, you must see them perform. Admission is usually $3, and the plays are performed in the Berea Community Kennedy Theater located on the Middle and High school side of the building.

The cast of Alice in Wonderland included: Eighth graders Luke Seals as the hatter, Hannah Fairchild as Alice, Sadibou Ceesay as the narrator, Joh Orr as the caterpillar and Alex Wright as the king; seventh graders Olivia Bellando as the hare, Reece Cveticanin as the cat, Victoria Mitchell as duchess, Brinn Riley as the cook and Carlton Sears as the rabbit; and sixth graders Jessica Bowels, Sophie Brewer, Dovie Rhea and Isabel Hodson as flowers, Adia Fouch as Dee and Aya Fouch as Dum, and Jesseca Petry, Riley Winkler, Isaac Deaver, Nate Fairchild and Isaac Skidmore as the cards.

Behind the scenes, we also want to credit the people who did a great job helping with practical tasks during the play. Landon Justice, Lincoln Ruska, Scarlett Parley, Abby Van Winkle, Caleb Campbell, Dolton Robinson and Henry Berry all helped out with props. Additionally, Stage Manager Lydia Peach, Assistant Stage Manager Caroline Schill, Eli Deaver on lights and sound, and Script Supervisor Christopher Davis completed the stage crew.