Berea celebrates Black History Month


Photo by Elias Bolton

A display at the Black History Month Fair.


Black History Month is a month where many reflect on the rich and diverse history of African Americans and their achievements throughout history. At Berea Community,  students got a nice surprise every morning of February. For the duration of Black History Month, the morning announcements at Berea included quotes and quick facts on various important figures in black history including MLK, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, and Harriet Tubman.

On top of these announcements, there were billboards decorated in the school, posters made, and a Black History Month Fair. The Black History Month Fair was held on February 23. The fair was put on by the BCHS SEED (Students Exploring and Expressing Diversity) Club, which is led by Nikki McHenry, one of the school’s teachers who specializes in Special Education.

The fair aimed to teach students from different grade levels ranging from sixth grade students all the way up to eleventh grade about parts of African American history that the SEED Club felt hadn’t been touched upon in classes, from early African American History to modern day African American history.

Students that helped put on the fair included James Alexander, one of the ten participants; he stated, “It was a lot of fun to teach young people about black history and make them understand how interesting it can be. Most kids don’t know nor are they taught black history all that much aside from slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. We tried to go further in-depth with our Black History Month fair, so people could understand how black culture is a very big part of our society today.”

Senior and President of SEED Club James Phillips stated, “I believe that the Black History Month fair was a huge success and a wonderful demonstration of what SEED Club is really about. I am very glad I was able to help teach younger students, especially middle schoolers, about the importance of Black History and how without it how our country would be very different.” As Black History Month ends it is very important to keep in mind how without a lot of African American achievements made in the US, our country would be a much a different place than what we know it to be now. With the help of Berea Community’s SEED Club students were able to leave behind February with new knowledge of black history they may not have learned in the classroom.