Preece’s Textbook Comics


A Berea Community Middle School and High School teacher is bringing a plan to Berea Community Schools to adapt new learning styles, with a new style of textbooks. Christopher Preece teaches Integrated Science, Chemistry, and honors 8th grade science. He hopes to one day be able to replace traditional textbooks in the classroom with graphic comic textbooks, which he believes will be more effective in the classroom. Mr. Preece said, “With traditional textbooks, a lot of people have trouble reading some of the content and understanding what is going on; if there is a visual going along with it, then that reduces a lot of the brain power needed to understand what is going onit’s called cognitive load.” Mr. Preece has already published his own comic book series tilted Chemystery and has started to use this in his own classroom.


Mr. Preece’s inspiration for writing his comics came from “a love for science and a love for comics. I decided I wanted to mix the two and that gave birth to Chemystery. Then, from Chemystery, I decided that I actually wanted to replace the traditional textbooks with the graphic, comic versions,” he said. “It [allows] the people who might not have the same reading ability to be able to get the same amount of information as those with a higher reading level.”


After publishing his first educational comic, Chemystery, Mr. Preece hopes to publish another volume to the series to expand on even more aspects of chemistry; the second volume of Chemystery will be published soon. With the start of the Chemystery series, he hopes to go another step closer to delivering more content with his comics.


Once he gets the rest of his comics published, Mr. Preece will need to get his textbook into schools, which he is hoping to start at Berea Community.