Black Panther Review


On February 16, the Marvel Studios film Black Panther was released to audiences. Expectations were high as social media hyped up the film as one of the Marvel greats. This film was going to be amazing. And it lived up to that hype.

For however many Marvel films you watch, you’ll notice a kind of pattern in how they’re made. It’s a good pattern; it makes good movies. Well choreographed action, comedic one liners, and melodramatic conflict. But nonetheless once you see it, they start to become boring. Few Marvel films will break away from such a formula, but Black Panther does it in major strides.

One of the first noticeable things about Black Panther’s originality is the soundtrack: the film introduces a kind of double soundtrack. One was produced by Kendrick Lamar, and is made up of a hip hop and R&B sound that has quite a few respectable modern rappers and singers. The second was produced by Ludwig Göransson, an album of traditional African music. Both play out fairly evenly throughout the film and a neat synthesis is created between the two.

Beyond that, the film delivers spectacular performances from actors as well. It features an incredible and reputable all star cast of people like Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Michael B. Jordan, all of whom deliver distinct roles that further culminate the overall punch of the film.

The movie was directed by Ryan Coogler of previous Creed and Fruitvale Station fame, and Coogler delivers his usual captivating master level direction in Black Panther. Fusing narrative and action-driven momentum perfectly, no moment in speaking is dry, and no scene of fighting is dull.

Overall, Black Panther is a shining addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its excellent and unique delivery of soundtrack, performance, and direction all make it a highlight of 2018 for movies.