Valentine’s Day Q&A

Q: What’s your favorite thing to receive on Valentine’s Day?

4th grader Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill, 4th grader:

“Dove. Dark. Chocolate. And hugs!”






4th grader Brielle Lemaster

Brielle Lemaster, 4th grader:

“Candy and a stuffed animal from my grandma.”









Q: If you could ask anyone from history or present to be your valentine, who would you ask?

4th grader CoraBeth Reed

CoraBeth Reed, 4th grader:

“Nobody! ‘Cause I don’t need anybody.”






4th grader Maddie Spangler

Maddie Spangler, 4th grader:








5th grader Dylan Salyer

Dylan Salyers, 5th grader:

“Probably a sixth grader.”








Q: How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

Photo by Emy Lovell
4th grader Caitlin Wright

Caitlin Wright, 4th grader:

“It’s okay. I mean, you get valentines and candy and stuff.”







Photo by Emy Lovell
4th grader Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill, 4th grader:

“How do I feel about Valentine’s Day? I love it! You get to feel all kinds of wonderful emotions, and all kinds of beautiful things. There so many caring people [that] do so many wonderful things for you on Valentine’s Day.”





5th grader Wiley Reed

Wiley Reed, 5th grader:

“It’s not my favorite holiday, but it’s okay.”








Q: What’s your favorite kind of flower?

Juniors Maria Murphy and Aubrey Smith

Maria Murphy and Aubrey Smith, 11th graders:

Maria Murphy: “I don’t like the prickly ones.”

Aubrey Smith: “I’d better send those roses back.”