Students Travel to Frankfort With Youth Leadership Madison County


A group of Berea Community High School students recently got the opportunity to travel to Frankfort and attend sessions of the Kentucky government with the Youth Leadership Madison County program.

The Youth Leadership Madison County program consists of juniors from all four high schools in Madison County, and has designed several different days for exploring career paths including factory work, health careers, and teaching paths. For the trip to the Capital, the focus was centered on possible career paths in government.

The students began their day by touring the capitol building. During the tour, the students looked at the Senate and the House of Representatives. Afterwards, the group toured the governor’s mansion. While walking through the house, the governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin made a surprise appearance as he walked through his own home. When the tour of the governor’s mansion was complete, the group traveled back to the capital in order to talk to Representative Jared Carpenter. Representative Carpenter spoke to the students about the new state budget and answered questions from students on a variety of subjects including the teaching budget and the availability of Narcan.

The students that were selected to participate from Berea Community included: Emy Lovell, Cora Livingston, Emily Nigro, Tori Williams, Ryan Whitt, Melody Thacker, and Adrienne Beggs.  Whitt said that the program was an opportunity to “see how we can affect different careers in our society.” The program is an exciting opportunity for students to be exposed to new career pathways and to be able to better understand different careers.