Spring homecoming court announced

From left to right: sophomore prince and princess Tare Wilson and Nakia Fullerton, freshman prince and princess Coleman Reed and Jatzel Correa, senior prince Dakota Baker, Homecoming King and Queen Tylen Hall and Crystal Williams, senior princess Bailey Alexander, and junior princess and prince Cora Livingston and Baylor Hill.


Berea Community’s 2018 Spring Homecoming concluded Friday, January 26 with a dance and the naming of the winners of the Homecoming King and Queen. The dance was a great end to a fun-filled spirit week for the Pirates. The theme for this homecoming was “There’s No Place Like Homecoming!” and throughout the week students dressed in a variety of themes centering around the film “The Wizard of Oz.” On Tuesday, the boys and girls basketball teams played Jackson County in a double-header, with the homecoming candidates announced at half-time.

Homecoming candidates included: Freshmen Kierstin Shaffer, Jatzel Correa, Julia Kilgore, Jaylen Dorsey, Nick Harrison, and Coleman Reed; Sophomores Nakia Fullerton, Nadalee Davis, Carly McDonald, Woody Henderson, Sean Fagin, and Tare Wilson; Juniors Abby Ambrose, Hayleigh Burrows, Cora Livingston, Emy Lovell, Elias Bolton, Tristan Duckworth, Baylor Hill, and MacGregor Lakes; and Seniors Bailey Alexander, Alaina Milam, Amber Stewart, Crystal Williams, Madison Miller, Dakota Baker, Wade Bradford, Tanner Easterling, Tylen Hall, and David Stanley.

After a few hours of dancing Friday night, the crowning of the candidates took place. Tylen Hall and Crystal Williams were named 2018 Spring Homecoming King and Queen, and Wade Bradford and Bailey Alexander were named Prince and Princess for the Senior class. For the other candidates, Freshmen Jatzel Correa and Coleman Reed, Sophomores Tare Wilson and Nakia Fullerton, and Juniors Baylor Hill and Cora Livingston were all named Princes and Princesses. Congratulations to all those named to the court and who were nominated!