New staff at Berea Community

To start this school year off, there were many changes in staff throughout the building. This included two new principals for both the high school and middle school, a new special education teacher, a new social studies teacher for middle school, an English teacher for the high school, and a new teacher-student observer for the counselor in the high school.


Both Principal Brock and Principal Owens joined the staff that makes up Berea Community High School in the 2019-2020 school year. Their introduction was the result of the retirement of the previous principal, Mrs. Donna Lovell. Their introduction also brought a separation of the middle and high school issues, thanks to Mr. Brock becoming the high school principal and Mr. Owens becoming the middle school principal. They also took charge of hiring new staff.


Ms. Sloane is one of the new staff members, and she teaches social studies for both middle and high school. She has previous experience at other schools, and both the staff and students are happy to have her be a part of the culture Berea Community High School. The other core subject teacher new to the Berea Community team is Mr. Grove. He is responsible for teaching English to the underclassmen. He has also had previous experience in this field and has become a great addition to our school.


The final new staff for this school year is Mrs. Michelle Barrendson and Mrs. Ellis. Mrs. Ellis is the new special education teacher for the high school, while Mrs. Barrendson is the observer for the high school counselor, Mr. Eef Fontanez. Both are greatly appreciated by the students and staff alike. Mrs. Barrendson was asked why she enjoyed most while observing and she stated, “I love the positive environment the students promote here. ̈  Though the students are somewhat responsible for the culture within Berea, mostly the influence is from the new staff and their drive to make this school better every day.