Berea Boys Basketball National Guard Night

Berea Boys honor local first responders for their first game of the season/


On Tuesday, Dec. 3, the Berea High School Boys’ Basketball Team hosted a National Guard Night themed basketball game where they played in special Army uniforms in order to honor local first responders. Matt Tincher attended the game both as a representative of the National Guard and because he has recruited a player on Berea’s team. 


Senior Eric Luppens was recruited by Tincher to join the National Guard and has recently completed basic training. Eric scored 8 points for the team and received a “player of the game” award that night. He is set to go on to split-training this summer to finally be able to work for the National Guard. 


For their first game of the season, the boys came out with a win against Frankfort Christian High School. The team had a strong lead throughout the entirety of the game and finished with a final score of 83-18. Junior Jaylen Dorsey scored the most points of the game with 13 points. Dorsey stated afterward, “The game went well, we played well, but we still need some work on defense.” When asked about the future of the season, he excitedly said, “We’re going to get that title!” Quenten Morgan, a sophomore who scored 6 points in the game said, “I feel great! We still have things to work on, we’re a young team, but I think we’ll do well the rest of the season.” In addition to Luppens, Dorsey, and Morgan, junior Jayden Smith scored 12 points, freshman Trenton Wilson scored 9 points, and junior James Brennan scored 6 points. The boys will be playing over 20 home games this season coached by Eric Swords, so look out for upcoming games and come out to support your Pirates. The next home game is Thursday, Dec. 19, against Evangel Christian High School at 8 PM.