Annual Elementary S.T.E.A.M Night Success


On Thursday, Dec. 4, 2019, Berea Community Elementary School hosted the annual STEAM Night for elementary school students and their families. Over 400 students, parents, and siblings were in attendance to view the student’s and teachers’ hard work.


Students were encouraged to bring their families to see projects displayed in their homeroom classrooms. Each grade completed a different project with elements of science, math, and art, which allowed students to choose what aspect of STEAM they would like to focus on. Third grade students, for example, created habitats for animals of their choosing. Ashley Hammond, the GEAR UP college and career navigator, believes that projects like these bring out the best in students. Hammond said, “It is a great opportunity to have personalized learning. At any time you can observe hands-on learning and project materials.”


Berea Community Elementary has been hosting STEAM Night for the past four years as part of an incentive to encourage parent participation as well as to engage students in their learning. When the event was created, BCES faculty and staff decided to incorporate the arts into an evening that would otherwise be dominated by math and science. Hammond commented on the integration, “Art is often an overlooked area. Art incorporates math and science and is a way to include more kids who may prefer an artistic approach.” This approach has been well received by students and families each year as it allows creative students to happily participate in the sciences.  


This year, the fourth annual STEAM night saw record-high attendance, with over 100 more visitors than the average of years past. The BCES STEM committee, along with all teachers and students, worked hard to ensure that this year’s STEAM night was successful even after having to reschedule the event for illness. According to Hammond, that even with the reschedule, the event was well-received by parents and their enthusiastic children.


With STEAM night’s great success, families are encouraged to mark their calendars for similar events in the new year, like the upcoming culture fair in February. GEAR UP and Full Service would also like to remind parents that Read Across America Week will take place in the first week of March. These events not only make learning fun for Berea’s youngest Pirates but also create a positive learning environment and encourage parent participation in their children’s education. Elementary teachers and staff would like to thank all participating families for helping to create a wonderful evening of learning and for encouraging their children in their educational pursuits.