Cheer Competition 2019


On Saturday, Nov. 16, the Berea Community High School Cheerleading Team won the Cheer Elite Championship in Somerset. They placed first in Game Day, which was their specific division. The girls had a difficult competition with other schools like West Perry and other All A teams there but pulled off the win.


The girls started working this summer at a cheer camp and went through many grueling practices. However, all of this hard work seemed to pay off. Junior Cheyenne Cody said, “I was shocked, humored, and excited about winning. It was an exciting feeling winning something that we practiced so hard for and it felt great to have done it all with my team.” Cody is co-captain of the cheer team and has been cheering for five years. She was proud of her team and all that they’ve accomplished, but like the rest of the team, she can’t wait to see what they do next this year and the years to come.


The high school cheer team has qualified for Nationals in Lexington and they’re going to push forward with more competitions. The team still has more to work on since the season is not over yet. Sophomore Alexis Hayden said, “I believe my team needs to work more on getting the crowd and community involved in our school pride.” Hayden and the rest of her team will continue to work hard to fill Berea Community with school spirit as well as continuing to improve their team.


Come support the Berea High School Cheerleading Team at most home basketball games! School spirit is a good way to keep the school interested, so you can also show school spirit by going to the games and supporting the teams.