High School internships

As of late, Berea Community High School has been very focused on adding programs that create more opportunities for its students. Many of these new programs are made possible by Mr. Craig Combs, a student coordinator who has been with BCHS since January. One of these programs that he has worked on is the internship program. This past summer, Mr. Combs has been working to put high school seniors into internships in which they have expressed interest in. So far, nine Berea high school students have obtained internships these include working at Southern Breeze Farm and the Child Development Lab at Berea College.


Before a student is matched with an internship, they must complete an interview to sort their interests. To prepare for their placements, students are given instructions on writing their résumé, interview skills, and other skills that the students might need in order to keep their internship. They will also be provided with any special equipment that may be needed, as well as any reading material that may be necessary. These students will be able to gain valuable experience in their field of choice they also get paid for their time, adding another bonus to the program. Mr. Combs hopes to place 10 seniors each year into an internship, and so far they have been fairly successful. 


The internship program here at Berea is funded by a five-year grant provided by Full Service Community Schools, and Mr. Combs plans on continuing the program for as long as the grant lasts so that it is sustainable beyond the grant. Mr. Combs is very passionate about children’s education, he emphasized the importance of “helping students find their passion and helping them pursue it.” Mr. Combs plans on continuing the many programs that have already been introduced this year, as well as creating new ones in the many years to come.