Middle School Recycled Art Program

Berea Community Middle School has been doing a project to create art pieces out of recycled materials, and they meet every Wednesday after school to work on their projects. Their goal is to make a mystical, magical fairyland while using materials that would otherwise get thrown away.


This art program started last spring to create more after school opportunities for middle school students. The Recycled Art Program is funded by the Full Service Community Schools (FSCS) grant. This allows the middle school students to stay after school and once the program has finished, the artwork will be allowed to be put on display. This grant allows students to be creative and work with materials they wouldn’t work within art class. 


The goal is for each student to create their own piece based on a similar theme and when the pieces are together they will create a larger piece of artwork. The theme they are going for is a mystical, magical fairyland where anything is possible. Bugz Fraugg is the lead artist on this project. She observes the students and provides any help they might need with creativity or making the artwork. Fraugg also provides most of the materials. She brings in any extra recycled materials and lets the students work on what they want. Kimberly Clouse is the art teacher at Berea Community Middle and High, and she has been observing some of the Recycled Art Program meetings after school to provide any extra help and just see what the students are doing. Mrs. Clouse said, “They create mushroom eyes to large wolf heads. The students get to make whatever they want, which is pretty cool.” The students will be working on this project until Christmas, so they will be able to do much more with this project. 


There is a maximum of 15 students for this FSCS grant. Right now, there are 14 students participating, so if any other middle school student is interested, it’s not too late! There are extra forms for the Recycled Art program, as well as other after school programs for middle schoolers in the front office if any are interested.