High school Boys Soccer Senior Night


On September 26, the Berea Pirates High School Boys Soccer Team celebrated their 2019 senior night to celebrate the soccer players who are graduating next spring. Seniors Julian Clavere, Sean Fagin, Lucas Hannon, Tare Wilson, Micheal Mecham, and Will Fredrickson were all recognized during half time of their game against North Laurel High school. 


Seniors were called out one at a time during halftime with their parents and received a signed photo of the team to celebrate their contribution to the team over the years. Senior Micheal Mecham said, “I’ve been on the team for six years and while we have never won many games, I don’t think there is a team out there who wants to play as much as we do. The kids on the team aren’t playing because… it’ll look good on an application, they play because they want it. I really love the team dynamic and I’m really going to miss that.”


The celebration continued through the night when the boys came out on top, winning the game 2 to 1. Another senior and team captain, Lucas Hannon, said, “The boys’ soccer team was down on morale after a few upsetting defeats in the previous weeks but having just held our own against [Madison] Central and tie-ing them on the pitch… [gave us] the confidence to hold North Laurel to 0-1 in the first half and then make an outstanding rebound goal by Edwin Rico that would boost our confidence and allow us to push for our second goal to seal the game. With this, we had a morale booster carrying us all to now.” You can come see the newest generation of these amazing team-oriented boys next fall with the start of the soccer season, go Pirates!