Berea High’s Alumni Celebrate 50 Years on Pirate Parkway

300 Former Pirates reunited last Saturday in Celebration of 50 years of the Black, White, and Gold.


Emy Lovell and Baylor Hill.

Following a busy week of Homecoming festivities, 300 former Berea students and their families gathered at the school on Saturday, September 28th, for a night of reminiscing and celebration. Through this event, past pirates were given the opportunity to take tours of the entire school, have dinner with former classmates, and many of them were inducted into the school’s first-ever Berea Pirate Hall of Fame. 


This event was planned and hosted by alumnae Melissa Jennings and Susan Stephenson Robinson. Mrs. Jennings had much to say about the event: “[Planning the alumni celebration] was stressful and time-consuming, but I am happy that I was able to be a part of the momentous celebration.” She went on to say that this event was put together in only two months with the help of a committee that was formed around that time, as well. The committee consisted of alumni from graduating classes as early as 1974, and some from as recent as 2012. 


Berea Community Schools has seen many changes since its opening year of 1969 and alumnae such as Jennings and Robinson were astounded by some of these changes. When asked about the biggest change she’d observed since graduating, Jennings stated, “The walls! It is crazy to me to see walls in classrooms! One of the things that I loved most was the open concept that I grew up with.” While this may seem absurd to others outside of the school, having no walls was something students of the past had grown accustomed to; it was something that unique to Berea. The past may pique the curiosity of current students now, but the reality is that in a few short years many students will come back for events like the 75th anniversary, walking through the halls as if they’re seeing them for the first time!