Successful 2019 Homecoming Parade

Published October 25, 2019


On Thursday, September 26, the annual Berea Community Homecoming Parade made its way through the center of town to celebrate 50 Years On Pirate Parkway. This year there were a variety of floats representing BCHS and BCMS sports teams, the high school classes, the elementary school, the homecoming court candidates, and many more. 


Student council president Thomas Brock said, “This year’s parade [had] the largest turnout that I have seen for a homecoming game thus.” Brock, who helped to orchestrate the parade along with junior Braedyn Johnson, said that all sports teams were encouraged to have a float in the parade and that it paid off. The cheerleading team, the football team, the volleyball team, the middle school basketball teams, and more all had floated in the parade. The band also marched in the parade, playing some of their pep band music. 


Among the floats, each class had their own, which they constructed by hand and decorated. This has been a tradition for at least twenty-five years and is still going strong. 2019 homecoming queen Madison Cummins, who has hosted float building for the class of 2020 in the past said, “Float [building] brings us together because we all work outside of school to create something to show off to the rest of the community.”


Following the general theme of Homecoming week, all floats featured something from 50 years ago. This year’s winner was the senior class, whos float sported the Mystery Machine and a large inflated Scooby-Doo. The junior class had an astronaut on their float sticking a jolly roger down onto the moon on their float. The sophomore class chose to represent the Woodstock music festival on their float, which was decked out in tye-dye and had two large waving hands on top to simulate a raving crowd. The freshmen class had the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar on their float. The elementary school also had a sesame street themed float in the parade. 


Between the class and sports floats, the homecoming candidates rode in convertibles, throwing out candy to the bystanders. Every year, the homecoming candidates ride in the parade but as this year is the 50 anniversary of Berea Community Schools, there were a few special editions to this part of the parade. Alongside the future court of 2019,  previous homecoming Queens were invited back to ride in the parade. Homecoming queens Brandy Brown, Brooke Hazelwood, Emma Fraley, Kelli McConnell, Jesse Abrams, and Emy Lovell were just a few who returned to BCHS for the parade. Cummins said, “I loved having previous queens in the parade! I’m a huge fan of involving alumni in our current events so I was pumped to have previous queens with us on Thursday.”


The 2019 homecoming parade was a huge success and a great precursor to the homecoming game. For more information about homecoming week, you can visit The Pirates website at 


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