Berea Pirate Football Team Win Homecoming!


On September 27th, 2019, the Berea Pirates had an emotional homecoming win against the Sayre Spartans at a score of 37-21.


There were many notable highlights from the Pirate offense. Senior quarterback Jaylen Whitaker had 83 passing yards, which helped him lead the team to their homecoming win. Sophomore running back Jayden Cunningham had an exceptional 198 rushing yards and scored 3 touchdowns, while senior wide receiver Jaylen Whitaker had a touchdown and 111 rushing yards. Senior wide receiver Timmy Thompson also scored a touchdown for the Berea Pirates with 33 rushing yards, and senior kicker Sean Fagin had 4 point-afters and a field goal.


The defenses highlights were also notable in the outcome of this game. In the first half, sophomore defensive back Clayton Martinez made an interception that led to a touchdown, ending the second half. Junior lineman and linebacker Tanner Hayden had 10 tackles, which helped to keep the Spartans at bay. With the help of safety Timmy Thompson, the two had a combined 17 tackles! The team in total had 50 tackles. Sophomore Logan Abney had a fumble recovery forced by outside linebacker Jaylen Whitaker. All of the team is responsible for this win, and this is only the beginning of a new era for the Berea Pirate Football.