BCHS Drama performs “Father of the Bride”


On October 17, 18, and 19, Berea Community High School Drama Department performed “Father of The Bride” in the Kennedy Theatre.


A charming play that shows the hilarity of the turmoil that comes when planning a wedding, “Father of the Bride” features a cast of mostly seniors as well as some of Berea Community High School’s teachers. “Father of The Bride” pulls off an impressive and hilarious show in six weeks preparation from both Director Jody Flara and Student Director Thomas Brock.


When asked why she chose The Father of The Bride, Flara responded with how she’s been waiting for the right cast and that this year the right talent is finally here, and she was correct in her decision. The cast was all enjoyable and each character was able to bring a laugh out of the audience in their own unique ways.


The cast and crew of “The Father of The Bride” consisted of as follows: Jody Flara as the Director, Thomas Brock as the Student Director, Eli Deaver controlling lights, Siddharthini Wilten as Stage Manager, both Jayden Dixon and Sayer Kobersmith were the Stage Crew, Brock also played Stanley Banks, Christian Duff as Ellie Banks, Olivia Bellando as Kay Banks, Braedyn Johnson as Buckley Dunstan, Luke Seals as both Tommy Banks and Massoula, Ethan Anderson as Ben Banks, Elly Green as Miss Bellamy, Lola Cox as Delilah, Ainsley White as Peggy, John Orr as Buzz, Jayden Dixon as Joe, teacher Travis Blankenship as Red, teacher Chris Preece as Pete, and teacher Matt Jenkins as Tim’s Man.


The high school drama department is planning on doing its next production before Christmas. Through seeing how this performance went, it can safely be said that this next performance is being greatly anticipated.