Berea Cross Country Meet

Last Saturday, Berea Community Middle and High School Cross Country Teams participated in a meet in which a total of thirty-three schools participated. Corbin Independent High School won, with Western Hills High School coming in as the runner up. Although Berea wasn’t able to place, their two representatives were both able to improve their times. The two eligible runners that represented Berea were sophomore Eli Deaver and freshman Carlton Sears. 


Heading into the meet, both Deaver and Sears had their separate doubts. Deaver, who was focused on the climate, mentioned that “It was really hot out, and our race was at high noon.” Sears was more focused on the psychological aspect of the race and explained, “I always get a little nervous before a race, but that’s to be expected. Plus, the adrenaline really helps you run faster!” Before the race, both runners decided that they were going to run their own race and try to break their previous record. 


Looking forward to the next meet, Deaver and Sears want to come closer to accomplishing their personal goals. For Deaver, that happens to be getting his 5k time down to 25 minutes. At his previous meet, Deaver ran a 26 minute 50 second 5k, so he is close to accomplishing his goal. Sears simply wishes to improve as a runner by cutting down his finishing times as the season progresses. Both runners have improved throughout the season and have pushed themselves past their limits to achieve their own goals, and it looks like they’re both well on their way to do just that.