Berea Football Defends Home Field


After a five year drought, the Berea Pirates’ football team won their first home game since 2014! The game took place on September 7th at the Guy Duerson Stadium, where the team secured a 44-21 win over the Caverna Colonels. Winning the first home game of the season made the victory much more impactful to the players.


The game got off to an exciting start for the Pirates: quarterback Jaylen Whitaker made 106 rushing yards and 79 passing yards while senior Cody Moore made an interception. Some notable highlights of the game were the 12 tackles made by lineman Tanner Hayden and the three extra points made by kicker Sean Fagin. In addition, 5 touchdowns and 205 rushing yards were made by wide receiver Timmy Thompson, which resulted in him being nominated for the Football Player of the Week, and he won the title with 18,274 votes. The Pirates’ third consecutive victory over Caverna gave the Pirates their first win at a home game since 2014.


When asked about the future, quarterback Jaylen Whitaker had a positive vision for the team. He explained, “We will work hard, go over film and be ready for the next team we play.” With this much confidence from the team, the new season seems to have brought to life a new era of Berea athletics.