Berea Volleyball Sweeps Frankfort 3-0


Last Thursday, The Lady Pirates volleyball team took on Frankfort for the second time this season. Despite Berea winning the set 3-0, all three games were close with Frankfort even taking the lead at some points in the match. The largest deficit out of all three games was 6 points, further showing the likeness in skill and competitiveness between these two schools. Even with Frankfort providing such close competition, Berea was able to persevere. One of the team’s captains Faith Dennis commented, “I think this is the best the team has played this season. We really showed how well we play in practice.”


Before the season, Berea played Frankfort in a scrimmage and lost to them. It’s possible that because of this loss, some players were nervous to play them again. Judging by their great performance, it seemed that they used that loss to fuel their gameplay. Berea winning this match against Frankfort has shown their improvement since the scrimmage that they played in the pre-season. 


Later in the season, Berea plays Madison Central, a rival team in the district. As Faith Dennis puts it, “I feel that this win will give us the confidence we need for when we play Central.” The confidence gained from this win just may be the deciding factor for that game. Berea has shown a tremendous amount of development and skill this season, which can only mean that the program is on the rise and has a bright future ahead of them.