New Principals Arrive at BCS


Photo by Keygan Harris

Over the summer, two new principals arrived at Berea Community Middle and High School for the 2019-20 school year following Principal Donna Lovell’s retirement. At the end of the 2018-19 school year, it was decided that the job of the middle and high school principal was split into two positions: middle school principal and high school principal.


The new middle school principal, Mr. Charlie Owens, is excited to be back; he is a 1999 graduate of BCHS. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies from Union College, a Special Education degree from Georgetown College, and a Rank 1 principalship from the University of the Cumberlands. Originally, Mr. Owens wanted to be a coach, which led him to get a degree in special education. He served as the athletic director at Garrard County, and that inspired him to earn a principalship. 


Mr. Owens’ main goal for middle school is to create a positive culture. He explained that he is “trying to create an independent middle school, so they have their own identity: that’s a big thing to implement here, trying to build those positive relationships with the kids and also with the teachers.” In addition to creating a positive culture, he is also currently implementing the iReady program, which gives interventions to kids that need them.


Mr. Owens is also a University of Kentucky sports fan. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and attending their basketball and football games. He also likes playing golf and tries to play as much as he can. As a college student, he played football for Union College, which also led to him obtaining his degree in special education. 


The new high school principal, Mr. Charlie Brock, is also excited to be working at Berea. He was originally a mechanical engineering major who changed his major during the summer before his senior year. Brock explained, “I had always done tutoring, always helped my classmates in college and high school… [it] just seemed like a calling to me, something I needed to do.” Since he had always liked math and physics, he got his first degree in Math and Secondary Education from the University of the Cumberlands. Following that, he earned two Master’s degrees: one in Educational Leadership/Principalship and the other in Educational Supervision, both from Union College.


During the 2019-20 school year, Mr. Brock plans to learn about Berea before implementing any major changes. He remarked, “I just want to implement things that are standards-based and career pathway-based so that we can start to help [students] transition into life.” Once the new plans are in place, he plans on moving forward more strategically to benefit students and constantly revise them to benefit students.


In his spare time, Mr. Brock enjoys spending time outdoors. He owns a farm with 53 cows, and the farm has been in his family since 1892. He enjoys working on the farm and with the cattle, driving tractors, and riding on four-wheelers, stating, “It’s just stress relief for me.” He also enjoys lots of outdoor activities like fishing.


Overall, both new principals are excited to improve Berea Community Schools. As Mr. Owens stated, “Berea is a special place, it’s different than any place else that I’ve ever been, in a good way. I think we have diversity here that you’re not going to see in other places.” Students, Mr. Brock, and Mr. Owens seem to be adjusting well to the split between middle and high school.