Eighth graders go on annual field trips


Between March 25 and March 28, BCMS grade 8 students went on the annual field trip to Washington, D.C. and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where they saw many important sights and museums to learn more about American government and history.

BCMS student Olivia Bellando had a fun and intellectually fulfilling experience on the trip. “It was cool… we saw things like the 360 degree painting [The Gettysburg Cyclorama] and the Lincoln Memorial,” she said. Students also got to visit sites such as Monticello, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, The Citadel, The Capitol Building, The White House, and Mount Vernon. “I learned a lot about U.S. history that I never thought I would want to learn,” said student Reece Cveticanin.

There was additional fun to be had in between the planned educational events and tours that the students attended in hotels, long bus drives, and meals. “Somebody caught a microwave on fire, and we jaywalked with a cop,” Bellando excitedly exclaimed while listing some highlights of the off-tour experience. Other fun students had out of official events included visiting street vendors, attending shopping trips with chaperones, and simply hanging out with one another as friends.

Coinciding with the D.C. trip was the annual Adventure Week experienced by other grade 8 students. They went to places like the Berea College Science Center, KET, the Toyota Plant in Georgetown, and the Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort. There, they encountered a wide array of topics relating to anything between core content standards and the workforce, all while within Central Kentucky.

The week before spring break is a very special one for grade 8 students because it gives them an experience that is both fun and educational. No matter if they went out of state to the nation’s capital or stayed at home, students visited places that gave them fulfilling lessons and a great time with their fellow classmates that they will never forget.