Berea hosts STEAM Night


On Friday, April 19, Berea Community High School hosted STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Night to showcase students’ projects in the five subject areas. The event ran from 5:00 to 7:30 PM.

The idea of STEAM Night came from high school chemistry teacher Christopher Preece, who last year asked Principal Lovell to host a science showcase night focused on students’ research. This year, it expanded. Preece explained, “Art is a large part of communicating STEM. When scientists communicate their information, [they] must think about what is the best visual to do so.”

All middle and high school students were allowed to participate, but three classes created projects to be judged for the event: Mrs. Uzzle’s geometry class, Mr. Preece’s chemistry classes, and Mr. Preece’s integrated science classes. Mr. Woodward’s biology classes also showcased projects, but they were not judged. Art from Ms. Clouse’s advanced art and art seminar classes was also displayed.

Several judges walked around the event and listened to students present their projects. The contest had three divisions: integrated science, chemistry, and geometry. Junior Thomas Brock took first place, sophomore Julia Kilgore took second, and junior Evi Stefan took third in the chemistry division. For integrated science, eighth grader Carlton Sears took first place, eighth grader Diane Wideman took second, and freshman Madison Howell took third. For the geometry projects, students worked in teams. Freshmen Bidhu Sharma, John Orr, Luke Seals, and Quenten Morgan took first place, while freshmen Lydia Peach, Alex Wright, Elvira Ramos, and Mati Stepp took second.

Lydia Peach was happy with the topics she chose for her projects in both geometry and integrated science. Her geometry project, which placed second, investigated how FBI profilers used geometry to solve crimes, while her science project was about how music influences plant growth. She explained that both Mr. Preece and Mrs. Uzzle “supervised our project[s] from beginning to end” so that she would be successful.

Overall, STEAM Night was a huge success. Several people from the community came, as well as students who didn’t showcase projects. Preece is optimistic for next year, stating, “Next year, I hope more teachers will participate and that we are able to have a larger audience from around the community to witness students’ success.”