Berea Baseball tops Model

On Wednesday, April 10, the Berea Pirate High School baseball team took on district opponent Model at home. The Pirates (5-8) rallied in the final inning to top Model (4-8) by a score of 4-3.

Previously this season the Pirates fell to Model 5-17. It was a difficult loss and with their second chance the team was determined to change the outcome. After the win, sheer excitement was visible in the players’ eyes. They rejoiced in cheers and hugs.

The game was tight and neither team allowed any runs until Model scored three in a row during the sixth inning. Berea did not give up and countered with two runs of their own, scored by senior Zane Brown and junior Timmy Thompson.

During the seventh inning Berea prevented Model from scoring and went up to bat. Berea’s Dylan Hanney, a senior, scored the third run. Junior Eric Luppens scored the team’s final run after a Model throwing error. Berea was determined to come out with a win and they did.

Eric Luppens commented, “We really could’ve folded and hung our heads when it was 3-0 but we stayed in it and kept fighting and did what we needed to do.”

Beating Model was a great triumph for the Pirates and it spread positivity throughout the team. According to senior Chandler Beaver, “This win gives us more confidence as a team… and it really helped with us realizing our potential.” The team’s head coach, Doug Chaney, had this to say: “I am so very proud of how our team shows class on and off the field. This win over Model is the start to something big for the Berea Pirates baseball program. Our boys saw what not giving up can do and have been playing the same way ever since.”

With the added confidence Berea will go on to play other opponents and work toward their season goals. Eric Luppens demonstrated their hopes in saying, “I think a major goal for us as a team is to have a winning season, but [to also] stick together and get better as individuals and as a team.”

The Pirates will return to action on April 26 as they take on Frankfort away from home.