Superintendent spotlight


2019 marks the end of the first year Berea Community Schools has had Dr. Diane Hatchett as superintendent. This year has been marked with multiple new grants and the implementation of the NTI day program.

Hatchett has a very positive opinion of the current school year: “I think we’re having a great year. I feel like I know more about the district, I talk to students, teachers, and all kinds of people,” she said. “That, to me, has helped.” Hatchett works often with the Superintendent Advisory Council, a student led board that helps and supports the superintendent, to evaluate her performance and the school as a whole, and uses that combined feedback to better aid the school.

One of her more famous decisions was to introduce Berea Community to NTI days, or Non Traditional Instructional days, where teachers assign online learning activities and assignments to students when school is cancelled to avoid makeup days. The district experienced its first NTI day on Monday, March 4. While the program has been met with light criticism from some students, Hatchett stands by her decision. “One thing we did get to do because of that [NTI days] is we’re a part of the NION network, [the same group that sent BCS staffers to Minnesota] which has allowed members of our administration to learn and visit other schools,” she explained. “As time goes on, more things will become available for the network.” Another highlight of Hatchett’s career is a high volume of grants, such as the Full-Service and the Striving Readers grants, received by the school under her leadership.

Hatchett gives most of the credit of the progress seen by the district in the past year to the whole administration as a team, noting that the grants came from quite a bit of work from many people. “I don’t feel comfortable saying ‘this is what I did!’ I just have a vision and a focus of a growth mindset, and we all try to meet each need of everyone in the district,” she said.

Dr. Diane Hatchett has been superintendent since January of 2018 and sees no plans of stopping, already putting the Berea Independent School District on a good path for ongoing success and growth. She continues to encourage Pirates to aim high and dare to be great.