District’s first NTI day is a success


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On Monday, March 4, Berea Community High School held its first Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) day of the 2018-2019 school year due to dangerous weather conditions. This marked the first time in history that BCHS has called an NTI day, as they were only adopted earlier this school year.

A Non-Traditional Instruction day is a more efficient ‘snow day.’ Given weather conditions that are dangerous enough to cancel school, an NTI day can be called in favor of a traditional ‘snow day.’ On an NTI day, teachers have their students complete classwork, either through online portals including Google Classroom, Study Island, and Learning Blade, or in the form of preassigned paper worksheets. But what’s the point of an NTI day when students have to complete work, but still make up the missed school day? Well, as long as a high percentage of students, across the entire district, turn in their NTI work within five school days of the NTI day, then the missed day does not have to be made up. In short, NTI days allow schools to cancel school for dangerous weather conditions, but not have to make up the school day.

How did BCHS’s first NTI day go from a logistical perspective? According to Principal Donna Lovell, “Our first NTI day went very well for a new experience. It has been easy for most of our students as we are very familiar with Google Classroom.” For students, the NTI work was comparable to the workload of a regular school day. Both junior Lucas Hannon and sophomore Melisa Sencer described their NTI work as only taking four hours to complete. Students and administration alike seem optimistic about the implementation of NTI days and the likelihood that our NTI work completion will result in not having to make up the missed inclement weather day. This marks the first NTI day in Berea Community High School history as a successful event.