BCMS Drama performs “Peter Pan Jr. ”

On March 14-16, the Berea Community Middle School Drama Department showcased the musical Peter Pan Jr. It was an excellent production full of professional stage construction and tremendous acting.

The first thing you notice upon watching the play was the attention to production quality. Main actors had microphones, beautiful sets changed frequently, and there were props galore, it was obvious that the cast and crew put in many hours to create a gorgeous set.

Another highlight was the acting of Carlton Sears, an 8th grader who starred as the titular protagonist. Sears really tapped into the true spirit of Peter Pan, maintaining the childish wonder of the character throughout.

Peter Pan, eighth grader Carlton Sears.

 Even against the cunning and brutal Captain Hook, played by 8th grader Reece Cveticanin who delivered his performance with confidence and stride.

Captain Hook, played by Reece Cveticanin, finishes a musical number. Photo by author.










The musical numbers came with their own strengths as well. Solos were strong and powerful, while duets were balanced and moving. Everyone did their part to contribute to a truly melodious series of songs.

Overall, Peter Pan Jr. was an excellent performance and production on all fronts, and it was quite a joy to experience.