Berea vs. Model


Photo by Constance Wright

Freshman Madison Howell shoots a freethrow in the Southern game Friday night.

On January 4, 2019, the Berea Community High School basketball teams hosted a doubleheader against Model Laboratory School.

Berea Community sported a large student section to cheer on their teams. The girls team played first and Berea pulled off a massive 54-22 win against district rival Model. The BCHS girls basketball team has not won against Model in many years, but freshman Mati Stepp commented, “This time playing Model was different because we knew we had to go out there and take care of business from the get-go.”

The BCHS girls team held the lead for the whole game, with freshman Madison Howell scoring 15 of the team’s 54 points. According to Howell, “working on our man defense and really focusing on how to help each other out” were contributing factors to the win. This season is her first with the team. She continued, “Winning the game felt really good because we not only won, but we worked really well together as a team, and it let us know what we are capable of doing.” After the win against Model, the Berea girls were 2-0 in the district, having also beat Madison Central High School earlier this season.

The boys game began with similar spirit from the fans and team. Berea started off with the lead at the beginning of the first quarter and stayed neck and neck with Model until halfway through the third quarter, when the Patriots rallied for a 75-51 win. Senior Zane Brown said, of the girls’ game and his own, “[They] played great and took care of business, but we just didn’t come ready to play.” However, he is confident that his team will be better prepared to win against Model at the district tournament.

On January 16, the BCHS girls team competed and won against Model Laboratory once again in the All “A” Regional Classic. This was one of two games the Pirates won to become the new 2019 All “A” Regional Champions. Because they won regionals, the girls will continue on to the All “A” State Competition and play against Wolfe County at EKU on Wednesday, January 23.

Both teams play a doubleheader against Breathitt County at home on Friday, February 1. These are the Spring Homecoming games for BCHS.