From L to R: Jacob Brennan, Ben West, Coach Eric Swords, Zane Brown, Dylan Hanney, and Triston Duckworth.

Photo by Emy Lovell

Seniors shine in win over Lee County

Published February 25, 2019

On February 15, Berea Community High School honored its senior boys basketball players before their game against Lee County. The boys won the game 89-41. The theme for the game was jersey night; the fans came out and sported any jersey from any team they owned.

The Pirates honored five seniors: Zane Brown, Jacob Brennan, Triston Duckworth, Dylan Hanney, and Ben West. All of the seniors started the game Friday night. The boys established themselves quickly and turned many of their possessions with the ball into scoring opportunities. Berea kept pushing throughout the game, which allowed for all of the varsity players to participate in the game. Zane Brown had a team high of 15 points. Dylan Hanney and Jaylen Dorsey both added 14 points. Ben West had 11 points and Jarred Whitaker had 8 points. Jacob Brennan added 7 points, along with Triston Duckworth’s 3 points.  

Senior Night for the boys was bittersweet. The seniors were happy that they had such an amazing season, but they were also sad to see it come to an end. The Pirates ended the regular season with 18 wins and 12 losses, which gave them back to back winning seasons. The boys are extremely proud of their success; according to senior Dylan Hanney, “What lead to the team’s success was the trust we had for each other… the unselfishness we have on the team is amazing.”

At the beginning of the game the gym was filled with hugs and cheering as the rest of the team sent off the seniors. “Senior Night meant a lot to me. It’s a time to kind of celebrate what we have done as a team, and how many countless hours we have put in whenever nobody is watching,” said Triston Duckworth. Ben West added, “Senior Night means a lot to me because it’s the last chance to play with my teammates… so it’s very sentimental.”

All of the seniors have been playing basketball since middle school; they understandably have grown very close to their teammates. Jacob Brennan commented, “I will miss all of it, the family, the bond, the game, the coaches, but most of all I will miss these friends that I grew up with and just became brothers with.”

The seniors have much to remember and a lot to leave their team with. Zane Brown’s advice to his younger teammates is, “Keep your head down, work hard, don’t crave the spotlight, be unselfish and play to win, not to get stats. Go 110% in games or practice and don’t take any moment you get for granted.”



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