BCS mock election


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On November 5, 2018, Berea Community hosted a mock midterm election in which grades 6-12 had the option to participate.

The results of the school’s mock election closely resembled Kentucky’s District 6 elections and Berea’s local elections. For example, in Kentucky’s most visible election, U.S. Representative Andy Barr defeated Amy McGrath with 51 percent of the vote to her 48 percent; in Berea’s mock election Barr won with 54 percent of the vote.

Out of the 20 candidates elected on November 6, 18 were paralleled in the mock election; the two outliers were KY House District 81 and a Berea City Council seat. State representative Morgan Eaves, who lost by a very close margin on November 6, won in Berea Community’s mock election, also by a close number. Berea elected eight City Council members: Ronnie Terril, Jim Davis, Jerry Little, Stephen Caudill, David Rollet, Cora Jane Wilson, John Payne, and Emily Ladouceur. In Berea’s mock election, Darnell Martin won instead of Ladouceur.

High School social studies teacher Travis Blankenship was in charge of organizing Berea’s mock election, and he plans to continue hosting mock elections in the future to use as a teaching tool. Mr. Blankenship commented, “I think the parallels between our mock results and the actual results show that our school is a nice microcosm of both the county and Central KY as a whole.” Hosting a mock election at Berea Community allowed people to see the overall trends in voting in these areas, even with young participants. Thus, the close similarities to the November 6 election could be characterized by the influence that parents have on their children’s political beliefs.

Despite the apparent similarities between the two elections, future elections may not see the same trends in voting. According to freshman voter Mati Stepp, “I think that the results from this election may be different in further elections because I don’t think that many people who did vote were educated enough about what they were voting for to make that decision.”

Most importantly, Berea Community’s mock election provided an exposure to the voting process, in which students themselves were given the chance to vote. Some seniors, of voting age, at Berea Community even used the opportunity to practice before they voted in the November 6 election. Hosting mock elections in the future, therefore, may be very beneficial to teaching Berea students the importance of voting on both the local and national level.

Berea Community plans to hold mock elections for Kentucky Governor in 2019, and for the 2020 Presidential election.