Pirate Panorama kicks of Berea basketball season


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On Friday, November 16, 2018, Berea Community High School hosted the Pirate Panorama, a beloved tradition that kicks off the basketball season.

In the past few years, Berea Community High School has hosted a series of basketball scrimmages for the middle and high school basketball teams to properly kick off the season and showcase Berea’s talented athletes; this season was no different. In the early evening, the middle school boys scrimmaged, and were followed by the high school teams. Before each of the high school games, a montage was played with pictures of each player and video highlights of the last season. The evening ended with a game between Berea Community Alumni. Throughout the Panorama, Project Graduation hosted a chili cook-off and bake sale. Additionally, the basketball teams hosted a silent auction to raise money for their programs. The BCHS pep band also played during the event.

Senior guard Triston Duckworth explained how the Panorama works: “The team splits up into two teams and scrimmages. It’s really fun and gets everyone out.” He stressed that the event is good for the team, because “we get out of habit and play each other instead of just doing drills. It really gets us prepared for the season.” Unfortunately, Triston was injured and could not play in the Panorama this year, but he was happy to cheer on his team.

The night isn’t just about the basketball games, however. The Pirate Panorama also shines a light on the cheerleading squad, who were also split into two teams on Friday. Varsity cheerleader and freshman Alexis Hayden commented, “We work really hard to cheer on our players and we make a little competition out of it, and whoever wins gets a reward from the coach.” Alexis is new to the school but has been a cheerleader for ten years. She said that she has never experienced something like cheering in the Panorama, and she hopes to do it in years to come.

The Pirate Panorama was a great success for both the Berea teams and fans. Hopefully, this cherished tradition will continue for future Pirates and will continue to bring school spirit to students and success to the teams.