Berea dives into new swim season


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Thursday, November 15 marked the passing of the first meet of the 2018-19 BCHS Swim Team. The next meet is Wednesday, December 5, and the Pirates are all also preparing for their home meet on January 25, located at Berea College.

Despite losing four team members due to graduation, many swimmers from last year still remain, and lots of them are very hopeful for the upcoming season. One swimmer, Cash Anglin, stated that, “I hope to get my time for my 100-yard freestyle down from 32.1 to 30 seconds.” At the meet on November 15, Anglin swam those 100 yards in 31.1 seconds, improving his time by 1 full second from his previous 32.1. Despite this improvement, he still hopes to achieve his goal of passing 30 seconds. “Something that I hope to improve on is my mentality,” Anglin said, “and just telling myself that I can achieve my goals, even when my body is fighting against me.” This mentality is something that many swimmers have had to overcome. “Say you’re swimming a 200-yard freestyle,” Anglin continued. “One of the biggest problems is that once you get to that 150-yard mark, you just feel tired and like you can’t breathe, and you’re freaking out, but then when you get to the wall and finish, you realize that everything is fine.”

Similarly, the other members of the team also hope to improve their times and simply improve their personal records. One problem that could be worked on, according to Anglin, is that, “We don’t have very much discipline, and we all have a tendency to goof around, but if we all listen to our coach and straighten up, we could all improve our times like we hope to.”

The BCHS Swim Team is excited and optimistic for the season ahead, and the swimmers all are hoping for better times and more support, especially at their home meet on January 25.