Berea celebrates Veteran’s Day with an assembly


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On November 11, Berea Community Middle and High School hosted its annual Veterans Day assembly in the Singleton gym. The event contained speeches, performances, and other presentations, all with the goal of respecting veterans and their sacrifices. Twenty veterans attended the event.

Madi Cummins, a junior at BCHS, participated in the event: “I said a poem by an unknown author called ‘In Your Honor.’” There were also other poems recited, and musical performances from the BCHS band, who played “Armed Forces Salute,” and the BCHS choir, who sang “Let Freedom Ring.” The assembly culminated with a speech delivered by veteran and BCMS guidance counselor Charlotte Haycraft about her experience in the military, along with her son’s experiences. “Mrs. Haycraft’s speech was moving and I believe that all of the students in attendance took it to heart,” Cummins said.

The focal point of the assembly was to show respect to local veterans for their service to the country, and it seemed to be quite successful in accomplishing this goal. “The main idea of the program was to give thanks to those who have/currently are serving… the veterans in attendance seemed to enjoy the program and the students were all very respectful to them,” Cummins said. “After the assembly we always have a chance to shake the hands of the veterans in attendance, and the majority of the high school population made their way to the front to thank them for their service.”

Overall, the event and those in attendance were respectful to all the veterans who were present. Every section of the program was an attempt to further cement BCHS’s respect and patriotism, as the assembly has done time and time again for years.