Elementary learns about world cultures


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Berea Community Elementary School hosted its annual Culture Night on Thursday, November 15. The night is meant to celebrate cultures from around the world, and give the students the opportunity to share their work with their families and community. First grade teacher Lauri Eiselt says that the purpose of Culture Night is “to expose kids and families to different traditions. I think it’s good for everybody to learn how people live differently.”

Each grade focused on different themes for their Culture Night projects.The fourth grade, for example, focused on Kentucky history; the theme of Ms. Mattingly’s fourth grade class project was to highlight historical figures from the state of Kentucky. To do this, the students chose a figure, researched them for about a month, dressed as them, and performed a short presentation about their historical significance as part of a “Living Museum” for Culture Night. Ainsley Woodward, a student in Ms. Mattingly’s class, chose John G. Fee, the founder of our town and Berea College. Ainsley’s favorite part about Culture Night was “[seeing] all the other costumes of people and seeing who they were and hearing other facts about [the figures that were a part of] the Living Museum.”

The fifth grade focused on Native Americans. Fifth grader Amelie Conn chose the Navajo tribe, and her project was to make “a totem pole and a hogan, which is the type of home the Navajo live in.” Each student in her class completed a similar project focusing on a Native American tribe, and had the opportunity to present some information at Culture Night.

The theme for the first grade was Mexico, focusing on art, food, and geography. First graders such as Burke Woodward and Jagger Doak participated in performing a Mexican Hat Dance and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in Spanish. According to Burke it was “fun, but a little embarrassing.” It was clear, however, that these students, along with many others, were able to gain some newfound appreciation for other cultures.

This year’s BCES Culture Night was a huge success and Berea Community Schools can not wait to see what the event will include next year.