Pirate Football Team breaks 43 game losing streak


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On Friday, October 26, the Berea Community High School Football team defeated Jellico High School with a score of 18-0. This was the team’s first win in four years and ended a 43 game losing streak.

The first to score was junior Cody Moore, and the first half ended with a touchdown by freshman Jaiden Cunningham, who also scored the third and final touchdown of the game.

This game was the last of Berea’s season, and for the seniors on the team, the last game of their high school careers. Senior Zane Brown said that not only does this win establish the new coach, Aaron Stepp, but it also “means a lot to the guys below us [the seniors]. Now they know what it feels like to win. I doubt they want to lose that feeling.” The players emphasized that this win shows promise for the team in the future, especially because of the successful record of the middle school football team this season. According to junior Eric Luppens, “[The game] could be seen as a turning point. We see it as the start.”

The football win was meaningful not only to the team, but to the school community as a whole. Senior football player Dylan Haney said, “I think this was big for the school and everyone who has come to support us over the last four years. The school was maybe even more proud than us.” BCHS senior Garrett Theodore-Powell, who was in attendance at the away game, emphasized that, “This win is a really big moment in our school’s history. It is going to boost school morale.” He also said he is “beyond proud” of the work and dedication displayed by the football team this year. Although the football team has struggled these past few years, the Pirates are happy to have ended the year on a high note, and look forward to their next season.