Middle school bathrooms recieve makeover


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Over the summer of 2018, a group of middle school teachers came together and gave the Berea Community Middle School bathrooms a makeover. Instead of the neutral wall covers, the teachers painted bright, beautiful patterns and shapes.

The idea was formed at the end of the 2017-2018 school year when teachers decorated the middle school hallways and classrooms to boost students’ spirits during testing. “We really liked the result of decorating for testing,” explained middle school math teacher Gina Wicker. “We were like ‘wow, how can we continue this on to the next year?’ and formed a group message and began to plan out what to do.” The teachers then collected their supplies and painted the bathroom walls over the summer.

Not only were the walls painted for decoration, but they also act as a barrier against bullying within the middle school. “We wanted to detour girls from writing negative messages on the walls, something that has always been a problem,” Wicker commented. She noted that since the new makeover there has been a significant decrease of negative messages, as well as a decrease in bullying. “And we’re hoping with the boys that they will be a little bit more willing to keep [the bathroom] nice and cleaner,” she added.

Painted bathrooms was not the only upgrade the middle school received. After seeing the positive effects the art had on their students, the teachers also decorated their classrooms and the hallways. Each classroom is different, some with fairy lights, others with streamers and bright posters and colors on the walls. Mrs. Wicker in particular added a mural to her wall that shows the steps towards success as well as brightly painted blocks across all four of her classroom walls. She plans to add a few more blocks of color each year to her room.

All in all, teachers and students at Berea Community Middle School are happy with the new makeover and are excited to add to it each year.