Fall Festival is a Success


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The annual Elementary Fall Festival was hosted at Berea Community on Friday, October 26. It  was a colorful event full of games, auctions, and other fun activities for people of all ages. The festival was also home to a large staff of high school volunteers running said festivities. Money raised by the event is to be spent on things like school supplies and field trips for the elementary school.

Lucas Hannon, a Fall Festival volunteer and BCHS junior, was having lots of fun running his game: “We’re havin’ a great time at the Fall Festival, running the lollipop tree, all the kids are lovin’ it, they always win.” Other activities involved in the festival were many throwing games, with the winning prize often being candy, and a cake walk, where whoever stood on the right number would win a cake of their choosing. One quite peculiar event involving taping the elementary principal, Paula Johnson, to the wall.

Many BCHS students who volunteered to help run activities cited both a need of service hours and just a simple want to make the kids happy. Matthew Shearer, a junior, seemed very pleased to be helping elementary students. “It’s always good at these events and games we do, putting smiles on kids faces, they like throwing darts at a board and almost killing me,” he joked. “I just love kids, I just love volunteering and helping them.”

The festival seemed to be achieving the sought after effect on the kids. Jonah Hill, a fifth grader at BCES, had a positive experience at the festival: “I’ve had a lot of fun, I won a confetti cake!”

The Fall Festival was overall a very positive experience for Pirate families, elementary school students, and the BCHS students volunteering.