BCHS Drama Department performs “Into the Woods”

On October 11, 12, and 13, the Berea Community High School Drama Department performed “Into The Woods” in Berea’s Kennedy Theater.

Weaving together various fairy tales, the musical centers around a baker and his wife, who attempt to lift a witch’s curse left on their family. Over the course of the play they travel through the woods to collect items such as Cinderella’s shoe, Little Red Riding Hood’s cape, and Rapunzel’s hair. The show opened and closed with strong musical numbers featuring the entire cast, and was full of comedy throughout. With only five weeks of preparation the BCHS Drama Department pulled off a delightful performance.

The cast was headed by a slew of seniors, who did not disappoint. According to director Jody Flara, part of the reason “Into the Woods” was chosen is because “we felt we had the appropriate cast for that play.” Many of the seniors have been in the drama department for four or more years— “They are a great help to the younger kids that come in, and they’re also easy to work with because they know the technical terms and they know the procedure,” said Flara. For Emy Lovell, this was the tenth play she has been involved in. “I’m so glad that we were able to do ‘Into the Woods’ my senior year since there were so many large roles. I loved seeing so many seniors participate, especially seniors that haven’t done plays since middle school or even elementary school,” she said. “This was probably the most enjoyable musical I’ve been a part of.”

Senior Constance Wright agreed: “This production meant so much to me…it made me realize I only have so much time left with the people I’ve grown up with in the theatre department.” As the only musical of the year, “Into the Woods” was truly the first of many lasts for seniors in the drama department.

According to student director and senior Cora Livingston, “My favorite memory [of the production] was just watching some of my friends who are seniors do so well.” Additionally, Cora was happy with how the performances went: “I think they went really well, and we had really good crowds come out on Friday and Saturday night, which everyone was happy about.”

The cast and crew of “Into the Woods” was as follows: MacGregor Lakes as Narrator, Braedyn Johnson as Baker, Emy Lovell as Baker’s Wife, Tori Williams as Cinderella, Elly Green as Cinderella’s Stepmother and Jack’s Mother, Noah Prentice as Cinderella’s Prince and Florinda, Julian Clavere as Rapunzel’s Prince and Lucinda, Kallee Mahurin as Granny and Milky-White, Luke Seals as Wolf and Mysterious Man, Olivia Bellando as Rapunzel, Baylor Hill as Steward, Thomas Brock as Jack, Constance Wright as Witch, Christian Duff as Little Red Ridinghood, Marlowe Asher and Siddharthini Wilton on lights, Stage Manager Garrett Theodore-Powell, Baylor Hill on stage crew, Student Director Cora Livingston, Music Director Amanda Barnhill, and Director Jody Flara.

The BCHS Drama Department is planning to put on its next production in mid-December, with the details to be announced. It will be a great opportunity to see the talent of Berea’s drama students showcased.