Boys and Girls soccer teams compete at Districts


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On October 8, the Berea Community High School soccer teams played their district matches against Madison Southern, ending their seasons for the 2018-19 school year. The girls team lost 8-0 and the boys team lost 6-1. Throughout the season, both teams have experienced a large number of modifications, but despite these challenges, the teams have persevered and learned a lot.

The boys soccer team experienced several changes this year, including a large number of new players and a new coaching staff. The girls team, while also gaining new players, had fewer roster changes than the boys team and kept the same coaches that they had last year. That said, these lineup changes to both teams were accompanied by far more significant changes to the less physical aspects of the sport, such as mentality, connection, and understanding.

One player who has experienced many of these changes is senior Emily Nigro, who said that being a senior was like having “a new role” that she hadn’t been in before because, “there were always older people on the team.” Nigro further stated her journey throughout her high school career and this past soccer season was accompanied by the realization that, “victory comes in many forms, and winning a game isn’t always the greatest victory.”

Julian Clavere, a goalie on the 2018-19 boys soccer team, said that with a large number of newer players and lineup changes, he’s “gotten to know [my teammates] a lot more as players and as individuals. We’ve really learned a lot about each other and we know a lot more now.” Along with this connection between players, Clavere stated that — similar to Emily Nigro — he learned “sometimes you need to give up opportunities to achieve glory and pride to instead do what the team needs and that self-sacrifice is one of the keys to improving coordination and efficiency as a team.”

Both players have positive outlooks for the future: Clavere hopes to have more clean sweeps (games where no goals are scored against Berea), and Nigro hopes to improve her footwork on her left foot if she chooses to play in college.

The main message these two players wanted to deliver was that their teammates should “stick with it,” as Emily Nigro said, and that the people who continue to come out to the games and support the teams truly do make a difference to morale. “I would like to say to the people who have come out to the games,” Clavere mentioned, “thank you for sticking with us. Our coaches,” he continued, “have definitely helped us to improve, and if we have more years with them I believe our program will be very well-developed, and I’m excited to see what this program has to offer.”

The Berea soccer teams have had a series of successes, and the players are all looking forward to what will come next.