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Homecoming Candidates


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As the football season comes to a close and the cold weather begins, Berea Community High School has elected its 2018 Fall Homecoming Court. The candidates, all seniors, were nominated by each grade based on who students thought would represent their grade the best.

Throughout homecoming week, the candidates dressed up on multiple occasions to take group photos, participate in interviews, and to be showcased in the homecoming parade. “The overall week was very busy, but there were so many memories made,” explained senior candidate Abby Ambrose. “Being a candidate was a great honor and is definitely something I’ll never forget. I love that Berea carries out tradition from years ago… it was great seeing so many alumni show up to celebrate being a lifelong Pirate!”

The students chosen as the senior class candidates were: Abby Ambrose, Hayleigh Burrows, Cora Livingston, Hailey Woods, Triston Duckworth, Baylor Hill, Trey Jackson, and MacGregor Lakes.

The junior class candidates were: Gabby Fouch, Tristan Johnson, Emy Lovell, Alex Hartman, Kiyane Santiago, and Ben West.

The students chosen for the sophomore class were: Adrienne Beggs, Alyssa Carter, Kennedy Goins, Emma Lewis, Zane Brown, Anthony Garcia, Dylan Hanney, and Garrett Theodore-Powell.

The freshman candidates that were chosen are: Emily Nigro, Abcde Smith, Tori Williams, Jacob Brennan, Colton Cochran, and Ryan Whitt.

On Friday, September 21 at the homecoming football game, the candidates walked across the field and the homecoming court was announced. The 2018 Fall Homecoming Court is: King Baylor Hill; Queen Emy Lovell; 1st Runners Up MacGregor Lakes and Hailey Woods; 2nd Runners Up Ryan Whitt and Abby Ambrose; and 3rd Runners Up Zane Brown and Hayleigh Burrows.

“The week was good,” commented King Baylor Hill. “… it was nice to know that my classmates and peers supported me and voted for me.” Hill went on to explain his favorite memory made during homecoming week: “My favorite memory was when I wore slides to take the candidate picture and Mrs. Lovell [BCHS Principal] got mad at me.”

Queen Emy Lovell also enjoyed her experience during homecoming week: “Fall Homecoming has always been one of the most exciting weeks throughout the school year for me,” she explained. “Homecoming always proves itself to be one of the easiest ways to see the students come together and participate in various events to show their school spirit…the amount of love I have for this school only continues to grow. I am so sad that my last Fall Homecoming has come to pass, but I am so grateful to have been crowned Homecoming Queen!”

Overall, Berea Community School had a fantastic homecoming week and is proud of the candidates who ran and of the newly crowned homecoming court.

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Homecoming Candidates