FRYSC receives generous donation from local dentist


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This fall, the Family Resources/Youth Services Center (FRYSC) received a generous donation from one of the various donors who operate within Berea’s community. Donations come in throughout the year, and the FRYSC office is highlighting these at the time of one donation in particular.

This donor is Dr. Melissa Jones, a dentist in Berea and BCHS graduate, who donates on behalf of the program ‘Smiles for Life.’ Dr. Jones explained, “it starts in March of each year, and we donate our time and services for bleaching products so people who want to can get a discounted rate to bleach their teeth… 100% of those proceeds,” she continued, “go to children charities or programs that benefit children.” As a rule, the proceeds are split 50-50 between the local program of their choice—the BCHS FRYSC office for the past 3 years—and the national Smiles for Life organization.

Those national effects are extremely influential as it is, but Dr. Jones would still like to see more people join the cause. She noted the difficulty that comes with insufficient numbers, saying “my entire dental team has to be on board, and I would like to see other dentists come and do this as well so we can be a bigger and better program.”

Dr. Jones participates in part because she has always wanted to give back to the community that helped her. “I grew up in Berea as a child of need,” she explained, “and that is my motivating factor because I benefited from people donating their time, service, money, and so forth.” She is a working mother (her children go to Berea Community), but she claimed that taking her time to give back to the community was an easy choice to make. “Balancing the tasks can be hard, but when you have a task of such high-importance, you tend to be able to make time for it.”

The Smiles for Life organization, one that makes over one million dollars nation-wide, is still one that can do more, and Dr. Jones is a proponent of having every member of every community, no matter how small, help to make a difference and to support children nationwide.