BCMS Fall sports overview: success and improvement


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In the 2018 fall sports season, the Berea Community Middle School teams have been performing well. The sports that are currently in season are girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, and football.

The BCMS girls basketball team has had a great season so far. Their win-loss record as of September 7 is 11-3. The team has a new coach this season: Tad Brewer. The team is very dedicated to the game, as Coach Brewer explained: “These girls have fun on the floor but are extremely competitive. They want to improve and it shows in how hard they practice and play.” The girls work on their skills almost year-round and it has been paying off; the players feel that their skills have advanced. One of their greatest improvements is “working together more,” as eighth grader Chesney Lovins explained.

The BCMS boys soccer team has had a challenging season so far with a record of three wins and seven losses. However, they have been working hard on their strategies and skills. For example, eighth grader Ben Little feels that he has improved since he began playing on the team in fifth grade. Following a change in coaches at the beginning of last year’s season, the team has shifted away from more aggressive to more strategic practices under the leadership of Coach Nelu Stefan. Regarding what he wants to see change about his team, Ben Little said he wanted to “win more, [but] other than that, not really anything. [The team] is very supportive.”

The BCMS girls soccer team also has a new coach this season: Bonnie Shepherd. Although they don’t have a winning record at this point in the season, Coach Shepherd explained, “We have had far more competitive games this season, and are decreasing the margins of defeat drastically.” According to eighth grader Hannah Hembree, there are “a lot of new people on the team [that] have never played soccer before.” Because of this, their coach has been focusing on the basics and helping the players to get a better understanding of the game.

The BCMS football team has been faring well under the advisement of an all new coaching staff, including Head Coach Bobby Abner. This is the first season in years that the team has had a winning record. Eighth grader Cody Roberts believes that this is the result of a combination of new coaches, more players, and better support from fans. He hopes that in the future, they will have even more players and that they will finish off their season with more wins than losses. According to Cody, “It’s fun to win.”

Overall, the BCMS fall sports teams are improving and the players are having fun. Additionally, the athletes believe that the skills they are learning now will carry over to varsity sports in high school. Come out and show your pirate pride by supporting your Middle School Pirates!